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Many products are vehicle specific and the codes listed do not include the sizing as there is such a wide range of options to fit differing vehicles. To simplify your enquiry we will ask you for the vehicle make and model you need the products to fit. Please fill out the details below, and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Download – Catalogue sections divided by vehicle type

These sections could take a few minutes to download. If you want to view a particular product for your vehicle type, you may like to choose from the smaller download sections below.

RXI Canopex
Canopex Catalogue from RXI
RXI Shelvex
Shelvex Catalogue from RXI
RXI Cargodrawers - Heavy Duty Vehicle Drawers for greater efficiency
Cargodrawers Catalogue from RXI
RXI EuroStarr
Eurostorr Accessories from RXI
RXI Group - Eurostorr Improving Everything in Vehicles Catalogue
Eurostorr Catalogue from RXI